Our Mission..

Better strategies accomplishing our mission….

We are committed for our mission to have High Standard Performance, International Premium Quality and be a prominent Asian market supplier of Talc. With the team efforts and consistent approach, Golcha Minerals is the leading supplier of high quality talc in Asia.

The mission of Golcha Minerals is simple but yet has a broad concept.

As the customers are growing rapidly so the need of qualified products is also increasing. We have latest technology equipped processing plants and mines reserves of our own through which we are able to deliver products thus meeting the customized requirements of the customers and ensure them the best services. Golcha Minerals has a comprehensive viewpoint and so are the products that we offer.


Quality   +   Performance   =   Value

This equation states that we believe in adding value to the products. We use resources in fully optimized manner and have the proper skills and expertise to meet the expectations of the customers.


Golcha Minerals has wide collection of mineral resources. The quality of the mineral resources available with us is the foundation of our consistent growth. This is the strength which other company will find hard to match because it is really a tough job to maintain such rare assets in such a profitable manner.

Our immense knowledge of latest mineral transforming technologies supports in attaining the mission.

As per the properties required by the customer for their industrial applications, Golcha Minerals manages the concept of Market to Mine phenomenon to fetch the desired results. This transformation is very complex and requires proper optimization of resources.

We believe in:

Adding value to the customers by delivering best product:

We offer technical solutions to the customers so that they can improve in manufacturing process and increase the quality of products.

Enhancing through processing:

From the process of extraction to the process of conversion, we excel in technology. We renders the best services to our clients with optimized costs and fabulous proportions.

Giving best solutions to the customers:

The products offered to our customers are environment friendly and cost effective and for this all credit goes to our team of developers who expertise in giving such solutions to our customers.