Quality Policy & Management

The quality management of Golcha Minerals is done efficiently, that the end products which are delivered to the regional and global customers are of premium quality. We follow various quality policies and quality measures which ensure high eminence products.


Creative Applications

 We have great and highly effective purification and manufacturing processes, through which we produce the talc which is purest and best in the market. We at Golcha Minerals develop many creative products for the various diversified applications.


Quality Management system

We have the best quality management system which for sure guarantees that the products offered by our group are of the premium quality. At each step, the high standards of quality check creates a benchmark that endows high quality end product.



We believe in striving for maximum level of customer satisfaction and thereby we have obtained all necessary certification that assures the clients for our products. Processing units owned by Golcha Minerals are ISO 9001:2015 Certified. This certification is done for ensuring the best quality services. The final products offered are of top notch quality. It ensures the maintenance of the excellence and consistency which are the most important and crucial part of the professional and corporate culture. Here the modern techniques are practiced for the refining of the raw materials.