Anti-Caking Agent

Golcha Minerals talc as anti-caking agent!


 In context to agriculture, talc from Golcha Minerals aids as a fine product for enhanced agricultural processing and thereby bestows high quality results.


The peculiar feature of the talc of obstructing the formation of crystal bridge that is mainly due to temperature, load and humidity and thereby endows better storage conditions.


Additionally, the essential platy and hydrophobic characteristics assist in the agricultural processing. It makes it simpler to prevent the products like fertilizers, animal feed etc. from formation of lumps. This makes the product usable for long time.


Along with this, the talc does not support in absorption of water and therefore forms an outer layer of the agricultural products in such a way that there is no moisture.


Considering the seed coating, it speeds up the flow rate of seeds. With this, the consistent application of seeds is conceded. It also reduces coarseness, amplifies drying and handling the packing speed.