Golcha Minerals talc in fertilizers:


Golcha Minerals talc fabricates a shield for making the agricultural product anti caking and dust preventing.


Talc is an essential component in endowing fine quality while production of fertilizers. It is essential to note that it is the characteristics of certain fertilizers to lump while they are warehoused or transported. This adversely affects the producer transforming it of no use.


In order to add beneficial attributes to the fertilizers, use of our talc facilitates the feature of coating agent. For instance, it prevents fertilizer caking by making them flow able as a layer of covering the particles, makes them anti absorbent to water, disallows crystal bridge formation so as to allow longer period storage and last but not the least, by making them dust preventive.


In order to serve the best in terms of quality we at Golcha Minerals emphasize on facilitating refined and pure talc that covers the fertilizer particles in such a way that a protective shield is formed and make them long-lasting.


With assistance from our technical support service research, the quantity of talc is dependent on dampness, temperature and the volume of fertilizers. By advancement in technology special laboratory methods have been developed by the agricultural experts for every variety of fertilizers determining the appropriate coating solution.