Fruit Protection

Golcha Minerals talc in fruit protection:


The talc offered by us plays a very important role in offering natural protection to the ripening of fruit on the vine or in the orchard. The non rasping nature makes it friendly to the fruit surface and does not result in any chemical effect after washing and enjoying a safer consumption.


For the people who prefer organic farming, the usage of talc in fruit protection is certainly a better choice. The usage of talc certainly prepares the fruit for better consumption as it reduces the slaughter of dampness and allows the fruits to grow in better way and size.


It has been scientifically proved that application of talc to the fruit surface reduces the surface temperature of the fruit and this supports of the sunburn to a great extent. It is an environment protective substitute to the synthetic chemicals available in the market therefore is not harmful in any way. Talc is easy to diffuse and does not have any sort of negative impact on the natural coloring of the fruit.