Oil Production

Golcha Minerals talc in oil production:


At Golcha Minerals, we emphasize upon applying natural properties of talc so that the eventual productivity and standard of Olive Oil can be increased up to a greater level. Certain key features of talc like the hydrophobic nature, oleophilic properties and the chemically inert characteristics make it a perfect choice to enhance olive yield and increase the production to a greater level.


As a matter of fact, during processing of oil from fruits it has been seen that water gets blended with extracted oil. If the processing is taking place on a large scale then may result in the loss of a substantial quantity of oil. So in order to prevent the excessive loss, it is required that the quality of talc being used for adding the feature of anti absorbent. Here, the application of talc can foils the creation of the emulsions and can even break up the emulsions that are already been formed within the mixture.


The talc does not support the chemical reactions and thereby does not engender any negative influence on the color and properties. With this the high quality product is extracted.


During the extraction process of the Olive oil, some of the droplets remain inside the cell walls of olive paste. With the application of talc in the right quantity, it is feasible to extract better quantity of oil from the cell walls of the paste. It is basically because the particles of talc do have the tendency to absorb a maximum amount of oil droplets that are retained by the walls.

The purpose of the talc lies in breaking down the agglomerating micro gels, thus preserving a definite quantity of oil and thus promoting the end quantity of the product.