Seed Coatings

Golcha Minerals talc in Seed coatings:


Golcha Minerals talc is used for enhanced standardization and consistency in seed coatings naturally.


With the natural approach and simplified application of talc in seed coatings, Golcha Minerals talc has become the leading product in seed coatings. The appropriate use of our talc helps in achieving better control over the application and flow of seeds. The chemically inert property adds the reduction of superfluous chemical reactions.


Use of talc in seed coating helps in forming a layer over the product so as to overcome the problem of moisture formation and disallows premature germination.


Along with this the additional aspect that is supported in coating is of embedding uniformity. It is a very critical element because if there is lack of uniformity among the seeds then it will not only influence the yield but also generates wear and tear in the plants.


Application of talc to the seeds extends longevity to the life and also gives better utility and appearance.