Fluxing Agent

Golcha Minerals talc as fluxing agent!


Golcha Minerals talc a low on cost fluxing agent that reduces both energy costs and CO2 emissions.


Golcha Minerals talc make extremely active fluxing agents. It brings the magnesium oxide to the ceramic flux when used combined with feldspar.

  • Lowers fusion temperature.
  • Increases the actual vitrification process.
  • Increases viscosity composition.
  • Boosts surface tension.
  • Balances thermal extension – very important for large format ceramic flooring.


This means substantial savings with regards to energy and as well as CO2 via:

Lowered firing cycles energy benefits can be as high as 90 kilocalories for each kg product regarding stoneware tiles for example
Reduced firing temperatures typically 25°C and 35°C lower, leading to possibly reduced maintenance cost.