Frit, Glaze, Engobe Properties


Golcha Minerals talc as Ftritz, Glaze, engobe

Why Golcha Minerals talc is the principal constituent of engobes and glaze frits? 

When in the frit structure, very low iron content talc provides magnesium in the frit that:

-improves thermal enlargement and also fusion
-provides good shedding behavior


In fritless glazes for instance sanitary ware glazes, Golcha Minerals talc enable manufacturers  to lessen Barium carbonate and zinc oxide ranges:

enhancing whiteness
-enhancing acid opposition
-improving glaze-body fit
-reinvigorating trending opposition
-lowering pinholes
-decreasing system expenses


Utilized being a matting agent with inside floor tiles, Golcha Minerals talc enhance whiteness without affecting extension, graze and spot resistance. Found in conjunction with heated alumina, they deliver excellent satin finish glazes having good fusibility and also lower thermal enlargement, increasing glaze system match and lowering pin holes. Talc reduces shin steadily so it’s an even more successful matting agent and lesser stern compared to alumina and wollastonite.

Within side walls engobes, talc having a really low metal content provides saving of zirconium silicate. Along with magnesite as well as kaolin, talc increases the particular efficiency regarding refractory engobes accustomed to guard kiln rollers.