Glaze Body Fit

Golcha Minerals talc as Glaze body fit


Golcha Minerals talc regulates dampness growth as well as energy expansion, enhancing glaze-body fit of building ceramic.

In single-fired monoporous bodies: Talc controls wetness expansion of the ceramic tiles as well as balances energy extension. Both of these sensations combined diminish strain involving the system and also the glaze throughout cooling inside the kiln, improving body-glaze match.


Talc regulates wetness growth from the body of the tile:
Utilized in a small amount as a mineralizer, talc minimizes moisture expansion through:
1. Inducing the conversion process regarding carbonates into salts or aluminium silicates
2.  Recrystallizing the actual vitreous phase
Talc balances thermal extension:
–  Throughout firing, talc adjustments in to a good enstatite of stable this mineral salt rich in linear growth.
–  Partial replacing quartz provides more linear enlargement contour, using a decreased quartz maximum.