Cordierite Mullite Refractories

Golcha Minerals talc in Cordierite Mullite Refactories


Golcha Minerals Chlorite-pure and rich chlorites enhances cordierite-mullite refractories by enhancing thermal shock resistance.


Our talc:

  • Enhances mechanical features
  • Prevents Breakage
  • At minimal temperature even endorses reactivity
  • Improves resistance to thermal shock
  • Support betters creep resistance
  • Decrease thermal expansion(CTE)


Chlorite enriched talc and untainted chlorite reacts with kaolinite leading to form cordierite at minimum temperature. The derived cordierite is very compact – with 50% cut off in level of water absorption. Ceramic body is made further resistant to abrupt temperature changes by lowering the thermal expansion which minimizes breaks. Higher CTE is resulted from incompletion of transformation of magnetite cordierite


Cordierite is manufactured technologically for vast range of relevance requiring materials of increase thermal shock resistance, like kiln furniture.