Golcha Minerals talc in electro ceramics


For high frequency, high density electro-ceramics Golcha Minerals Talc’s microcrystalline are the best.


Use of talc in ceramics enhances the usability and makes the product durable in every aspect. Talc is often referred to soapstone as it putrefies into enstatite which has electro-insulating characteristics with high frequency, high voltage applications. Steatite shows superb mechanical features and shock resistance properties, making it constructive for grinding media. To enhance the body stability and to ensure steadiness in formulation many soap stones are used collectively.


The key raw material used in steatites is microcrystalline talc which is used in mechanical and electrical applications which constitutes to the body between 65% and 90%.


It is essential to note that talc gives excellent thermal and electrical shock resistance in electro-cordierites when united with kaolin.