Frits, Glazes & Engobes

Golcha Minerals talc for frits, glazes and engobes

Golcha Minerals talc is the main ingredient in glazes, frits and engobes.


Application of talc for fritz, glazes and engobes is required to be good in quality. It must have all the essential characteristics and thereby we at Golcha Minerals ensure for offering the best in all regards.


In the composition of frit, reduced iron content in talc provides magnesium in it. Used in floor tiles like matting agent, talc does not affect expansion, stain resistance property and abrasion and rather enhances whiteness. When used in amalgamation to calcined alumina, then it results in superb smooth finish glaze along with high quality fusibility and reduced thermal expansion. It enhances fusion and thermal expansion and also assists with proper melting behavior.


Glazes which are fretless like sanitary ware glazes, Golcha Minerals talc facilitates producers to lower zinc oxide and barium carbonate levels:

  • Improved whiteness
  • Enhancing acid resistance
  • Mounting glaze-body fit
  • Strengthening crazing resistance
  • Reducing pinholes
  • Making cost affordable


Talc with less iron content endow with savings of zirconium silicate in wall tile engobes. It is comparatively less unsmooth than wollastonite and alumina as it is a valuable matting agent which eventually reduces gloss. Configured with kaolin and magnesite, talc enhances the working of refractory engobes and protects ceramic kiln rollers.