Glazed Floor Tiles

Golcha Minerals talc enhances optical and mechanical properties and maximizes firing cycles of both glazes and bodies of floor tiles.

In the floor tile body:


Golcha Minerals talc in glazed tiles of floor makes extremely dynamic fluxing agents when mixed with feldspar to create eutectic flux. The basic features that make it best product includes the following:



  • Leads reduction in porosity
  • Increases fast firing, reduces firing cycles and energy consumption, firing temperature and CO2 emissions
  • Stabilize firing and expansion shrinkage- vital for huge format tiles
  • Enhances viscosity
  • Betters glaze-body fit
  • Condenses cracking
  • Advanced mechanical resistance and density

Golcha Minerals talc brings steadiness in moisture and thermal expansion which makes them best and suitable for sleek floor tiles and large format.


In glazes Golcha Minerals talc are valuable matting agents, increases whiteness without any affect to expansion and improves stain resistance and abrasion.


This is how our talc is regarded as best in all aspects and is sutable to deliver fine glazed floor tiles.