Glazed Floor Tiles

Golcha Minerals for large format and thin tiles


Golcha Minerals talc is helpful in solving mechanical resistance issues and smoothness problems of thin tiles and large formats. It helps in making better quality talc in every aspect.


Golcha Minerals talc:

  • Boosts up the sintering speed of the body by adding magnesium to it.
  • Reduces water absorption as dynamic fluxing agents.
  • Decreases closed density and increases tile density.
  • Enhances the tile body’s mechanical strength.


Whether it is large format tiles or thin tiles, application of talc should be such that it is suitable as fluxing agent and is resistant to thermal shock. Here we ensure that the talc is best suited for use in ceramics related industry.


The main issues registered are pyroplastic distortion and evenness while producing tiles with large formats.


To improve expansion linearity in the body alleviated thermal expansion can be done by using Golcha Minerals talc. An even and flat surface can be maintained by evenly distributing thermal expansion in the body of tile.


Mechanical Resistance is the main problem of thin tiles. Usage of our talc makes it better and durable. Our talc is best for manufacturing large and thin format tiles.