Porcellanato Stoneware Floor Tiles

Golcha Minerals talc for porcellanato stoneware floor tiles


Golcha Minerals talc advances optical and mechanical properties and maximizes firing cycles of porcellanato stoneware tiles.


Talc in case of completely vitrified porcellanato makes tremendous sintering additives:


  • Enhancing surface aspect and vitrification
  • Enhancing abrasion and stain resistance without mounting pyroplastic distortion
  • Reducing firing temperature

It is essential to note that the talc makes extremely vigorous fluxing agents when configured with feldspar leading to formation of eutectic flux in tile for porcellanato stoneware.


Combining alumina and zirconium, our talc boosts the radiance of porcelain tiles.


Porcellanato floor tiles are completely vitrified. Extraordinary physical properties of refined porcellanato stoneware tiles make them useful in harsh and ruthless conditions like public places, heavy traffic or outside uses.