Frangrance Carrier

Golcha Minerals talc as fragrance carrier!


At Golcha Minerals, we consistently learn to explore better opportunities and prospects available in talc and deliver optimum results to our users at the minimal formulation cost possible. There are some of the exclusive properties common in the particles of talc due to which their application is the best option in the cosmetic industry.


Considering the essence of talc in cosmetics, we feature the product with complete adherence to its physical and chemical properties. It is our key factor to ensure that the quality of talc meets the benchmark of the requirements for it to be used in cosmetics. The properties allow it to assist in production of cosmetic as fragrance carrier and inert carrier. It also plays essential role in lowering the formulation costs.


As Oil-base replacement Pigment extender the talc helps in great regards.


Other than this silkiness and softness in cosmetic products is also because of talc. They are organophilic, hydrophobic and chemically inert by nature and with adequate exploitation of these properties, it is feasible to improve the end properties of the widely used cosmetic products like body powders, soaps, make-up items, etc.