Body Powder

Golcha Minerals talc in Body Powders:

Emphasizing on quality results, the talc processed by Golcha Minerals accomplishes every property required in production of body powders. Our 100% natural approach leaves no line of demarcation with which the talc can be used.


Our trusted talc touches your day to day life via a large number of popular cosmetic products.  Due to some of the reliable properties and excellent processing, the talc offered by us makes the body powders more silky and soft in touch. We understand how best cosmetic products are valued by your skin. The application of the talc after having bath offers a very pleasant and soothing sensation.


Inclusive of this, the talc with the optical properties surpasses its use in cosmetic medicated products.


It is good to note that for the body powders that are scented, the talc offered at Golcha Minerals is the best inert carrier. While using the medicated powders, our talc can play the role of inert carrier for the most sublime results.  It does not react adversely with chemical and physical properties and thereby endowing desired outcomes.