Make Up

Golcha Minerals talc in Make-up products:


With the essence of high quality of talc in cosmetic products we ensure that the techniques used to produce and process talc in make-up products is highly pure and is chemically inert. After complete certifications the product is passed on to be further used in cosmetics.


The Golcha Minerals is committed to deliver optimal features to the make-up needs of your skin. As far as the softness is concerned then the properties rendered by make-up products through our talc is certainly enough to increase it up to a remarkable extent.  Besides softness, it also delivers a silky touch to the body, and spread to the entire surface on which it is applied. If fragrance is your priority then you will be happy to know that it is a better carrier of fragrance.


The lamellarity and softness of talc adds a touch of purity to talc.


Our talc is certainly a better choice for the application of blushers, foundation, lipstick, liquid eye based make-up, liners, eye shadows and a lot more. For the most premium results, the Compact Talc offered by Golcha Minerals is what all you need.