Soaps and Syndets

Golcha Minerals talc in soaps and syndets:


The use of talc in soaps provides softness and silkiness to the end product. Considering all essential properties of talc for use in soap, we emphasize on enhancing in term of quality at most affordable prices.


The Golcha Minerals talc is known for facilitating the creamier and softer lather. It is also essential to understand that our talc also helps in the formation of quality foam and is a proven substitute for the costly base oil, and curtail the manufacturing cost of the end product.


After processing talc by latest technology, talc available with us is definitely a premium choice for the syndets and toilet soaps.  For the laundry soaps also it is widely used because of producing better foam and safer application to the skin.


The compact talc offered by Golcha Minerals is the ideal choice as a component in soaps and syndets.