Golcha Minerals talc in food:


Application of talc in food has an immense useful role to play.


There are several aspects in which talc helps. Few of them include:

  • As Anti-caking agent
  • As Coating Agent
  • As Inert filler carrier
  • As Processing aid
  • As surface finishing
  • As texturing


For the above mentioned aspects and usage, talc in food application is applied for confectionaries, cheese, seasonings, sausages, rice, meat etc.


In commercial food products, our talc has a widespread usage in the manufacturing of chewing gums. It is not only helpful in acting as filler inside the gums but also prevent the fragments of the chewing gum getting glued with each other. This is how talc helps as an anti-caking agent. It is also very helpful in the regulation of the base in the chewing gums containing the acidic type fruit flavors. Talc also prevents the chewing gums from sticking to the surface of the packaging in which they are carried.


In the food sector, for the prevention of caking in the rice and better polishing of the surface our talc is trusted to a great extent. It also plays a very effectual role in better processing and production of the olive oil and delivers finest yield to the market. The usage of our talc in the food sector is not confined to this only.  In the seasonings, it is widely used as texturing agent. The same application of talc is feasible for the cured meat and the sausages. We understand that there are diverse standards of cheese available in the market right from processed, semi hard and hard cheese. It is our job to deliver the best results in the talc which can easily become compatible with the diverse cheese standards.


In the candies and sweets that are available in the confectionery stores, the talc is very useful in attaining precise surface finishing. It is also widely used in different other kinds of confectionery foodstuffs as well.