Olive Oil Processing

Golcha Minerals talc in Olive Oil Processing:


Refined olive oil processing by our talc!


The talc offered at Golcha Minerals is very helpful in promoting the yield of pure olive oil and enhancing the quality of final product.  Along with maintaining the properties of the talc, its application in olive oil processing supports easy milling, emulsifier absorption, increasing processes so as to enhance the oil production, reduction of fruit solids etc.


Precisely, due to the presence of much or no water, the organic emulsifiers curtail the exact quantity of oil available from the paste. The talc particles can easily take up these emulsifiers and boost the productivity. 


It is true that the clarity of the oil is hampered by the presence of fruit solids.  Talc works upon the quantity of sediment levels and eliminates the cloudiness.  The final quality of oil received will be highly refined.


The application of talc offered by Golcha Minerals is not only prudent move from the viewpoint of oil yield but also supporting the efficiency of the plant. It is critical to note that due to the inert chemical properties of talc, it does not generate any sort of negative influence the color, flavor and other properties of the olive paste and the end product extracted out of it.


Golcha Minerals assures for quality talc for refined olive oil processing!