Making a better use of the natural properties of talc is one of the key strengths of the services offered by Golcha Group.  Some of the unique properties of the Golcha Group that makes it distinctive than the counterparts include the hydrophobic nature, the soft surface, organophilic and the chemically inert properties.

One of the ideal applications of our talc is the food products that are a bit adhesive in nature and tend to stick when kept together.   As talc is organophilic and hydrophobic in nature so it helps the particles to flow freely and also diminish the rate of evaporation.

The talc can offer effectual coatings and precise finishing to different kinds of genuine commodities and commercial food products like cheese, rice, seasonings, confectionery items and chewing gum.  In gums, it also acts as excellent filler.  As talc is an organophilic mineral so it is a better source to carry various kinds of reactive supplements like vitamin pills.

The properties of talc offered by us are proficient enough to cut down the level of emulsification at the time of producing Olive oil.  The application of talc plays a very decisive role to increase the quantity of oil during the processing stage without influencing the quality of the end product.

So it is obvious that why to move anywhere else when you can get a multiple number of benefits right away with us?