Golcha Talc

Talc is one of the extremely important minerals available for the diverse industrial usage.  The application of this valuable mineral is not confined to the India itself but is common in different parts of the world.  It is truly a matter of proud for the Golcha Group to be a pre-eminent supplier of talc in India and not only fulfilling the demand of this natural mineral in the world but also contributing to the employment opportunities and the economic growth of the nation.

The mining operations in the state of Rajasthan

There are basically 3 major mining operations in the state of Rajasthan operated by us-

  • Jaipur Mineral Development Syndicate Pvt. Ltd.  The production takes place in the Dagota village with an approximate reserve of 10 million tons.
  • Udaipur Mineral Development Syndicate Pvt. Ltd producing the Talc at Ghewaria with a calculated reserve of 14 million tons.
  • Golcha Minerals Pvt. Ltd. Produce Talc from Chainpura (located in Bhilwara) with a current approximate reserve of 0.55 million tons.

Our popular brands in Talc

Our most recognized brands of Talc that are accessible through the Dausa district include-

  • Besta- Used in the baby powders
  • Dubax- Applied in the manufacturing of the premium soaps
  • Sunsilk- Used in the washing soaps
  • Micron-G- Does have a broad application including in the paints, plastics and the inner parts of the cars.

Our renowned brands of Talc from the district Bhilwara are-

  • Finex- It is highly effective in the cosmetic products that are meant for the vulnerable skin, like of the babies.  This is the reason why the application of the Finex talc is quite common in the baby’s talc.  It is also useful in the production of the special paper.
  • Supra- It is widely used across the world in ceramics and pharmaceuticals.  It is also commonly used in the development of the prickly heat powders.
  • Sunlit- Arguably, the most commonly used form of Talc in diverse industrial sectors.  Due to its excellent filling quality, it plays a very pivotal role in the paper and printing industry.  It is also used in the manufacturing of the rubber, beauty products and in the paint coatings of the interior and exterior of the house.
  • Zecco- It is a form of talc which is used in the cotton textile industry.



Our international network of talc

We do have a strong network of Talc distribution in different parts of the world.  Besides the Indian subcontinent, you can even find our notable presence in the Western Europe, the United Kingdom, and the gulf nations and in different parts of Africa.  We surely understand the great demand of the pure and white Talc in the European markets and are consistently maintaining strong relationship with the leading international buyers and distributors.

We are well familiar with the advanced technology used for the processing of talc in the international market and deliver superlative quality materials to easily match up with the global needs.