Adhesive and Sealants

Golcha Minerals talc in adhesive and sealants:
Each property of talc contributes towards durability and longevity for application in adhesive and sealants.


The properties of our talc make it suitable for adhesive and sealants. This being a superlative serviceable mineral pigment that creates best fillers in caulks, sealants and adhesives are multipurpose.


With best qualitative features the talc supports the best as transforming the adhesive and sealant:

  • Easily spreadable
  • Enhancing sandability because of their natural softness
  • Betters  resistance to cracks ,dimensional stability and shrink resistance
  • Efficient thixotropes

Along with this, considering the importance of considering the natural use, the talc in adhesive and sealants is 100% eco friendly.