Architectural Paints & Primers

Golcha Minerals talc in architectural paints and primers


Recommending Golcha Minerals talc for best applications in architectural paints and primers!


Golcha Minerals products serve best for the decorative paints and interior and exterior architecture as they improve their mechanical and visual properties. These products are cost-lucrative multifunctional pigments.


The key aspects of paints and coatings like sustainability, Undercoats (like sealers & primers) and topcoats, lustrous, semi-lustrous , eggshell, flat and satin finishes, inner and outer paints, solvent borne coatings and water borne coatings, substitute of fillers and extender pigments makes it one of the finest talc.


Golcha Minerals talc beneficial in terms of:

  • Environment friendly and natural solutions
  • Adds to reduction of VOC
  • Improving opacity and hiding
  • Reduction of formulation cost and are effective TiO2
  • Helping in improving flatting effect
  • Advances outdoor paint’s impermeability
  • Enhancing resistance to cracks and application properties, paint adhesion and rheology
  • Lessen settling


Our talc is also cost effective and thereby reduces formulated cost related to exterior and interior primers and paints.