Corrosion Resistance and Barrier Properties

Golcha Minerals talc’s corrosion resistance & barrier properties:


Talc has an essential role corrosion resistance and barrier property in paints and coatings. Basically it is the high quality barrier properties which protects from corrosion on products on which paint is applied.


Golcha Minerals talc is best for critical barrier properties which are used in coating applications. It is natural and hydrophobic. The talc platelets lead to formation of major barrier while paint formulation further limits the water penetration and destructive agents in paint film.


The major aspect that the use of talc emphasizes upon is the enhancement on adhesion that leads to better durability of paint, and this is possible because of chemical inertness. Our talc is chemically inert that is, it does not react with the other chemical or physical components.


In this regard it is essential to note that the wide range of talc have been proved to be as anti-corrosion pigments which are most demanded for applications in general industrial paints, heavy industrial maintenance and marine coatings.