Hiding & TiO2 Extender

Golcha Minerals talc as hiding pigments:


Golcha Minerals talc enhances hiding powers and produces affordable extenders. It is true that TiO2 is considered to be one of the most expensive components in respect to architectural paints. So in order to reduce the cost, our talc is an alternative for TiO2.


Along with this, certain properties like lamellarity, pureness, whiteness adds quality. Our talc meets all your needs:

  • Is extremely lamellar
  • Are likeable for solvent-borne primers & paints  and as well for waterborne paints & primers
  • Enhances extender utilization by maximizing main pigment efficiency and better spacing


Our advanced range of quality talc provides tremendous hiding ability without causing any effect to gloss of low PVC and medium decorative paints.