Golcha Minerals talc’s rheology:


We at Golcha Minerals conduct processing in such a way that talc is most suitable for better viscosity and straightforward diffusion.


Easy dispersion and less dust:

Golcha Minerals talc has less binder demand so they disperse simply in all sorts of binder bases. Even less dust is generated in comparison to conservative talc products because of their distinctive particle size dispersion.


Superior viscosity:

Talc forms weak bonds with resins which results in better low-shear viscosity. The bond splits on application of shear further resulting in shear-thinning rheology coating, and is best for spray purpose. Enhanced rheology lessens in-can settling and sagging.


Therefore if you want the best results in paints and coatings proffers smoother diffusion and dispersion and also have less dust tendency. We recommend you to use the talc which is micronized for applications and rheology.