VOC Reduction

Golcha Minerals talc for VOC reductions.


Golcha Minerals superior quality talc unites brightness and chemical inertness. It is very favorable to manufacturers if they use talc in paints and primers which are solvent-based as it leads to reduction of unwanted compounds. Even it will help in getting better filling rates and will not affect anti-corrosion ability.


With the recent research and using of talc in paints, application of solvent is of high importance. Primarily it is essential to note that production of paint in high quantities leads to global warming and emission of volatile organic compound that is harmful for the life. Considering this, it becomes a necessity to reduce VOC and for this reason the use of talc by Golcha Minerals can be best suited.


We emphasize on absorbing such characteristics’ in talc that it becomes the best for reduction in VOC content. As per governmental norms and regulations, this will further help paint manufactures to meet high governing regulations of VOC emissions and agendas related to sustainable development.