Cost Rdeuction

Golcha Minerals talc for cost reduction

Golcha Minerals talc emphasizes to advance the productivity channel at the mills. It also adopts the alternatives and technologies that are best in terms of procuring the refined product for the end user.

  • The stickier and pitch agent helps to enhance the reduction of machine and
    equipment downtime, functionality, clean times improving efficiency.
  • They manufacture perfect TiO2 extenders and thereby improving all the
    performance and retention capacity.
  • The oleophilc characteristics lessen the dye demand and this result to better
    color intensity.

Few features of talc that supports in better as cost reduction and also enhances the utility by:

  • Purity
  • Chemical inertness
  • Flow ability

All the above mentioned characteristics play an integral part in enhancing the whiteness of the paper and make it better in terms of quality.