Golcha Minerals environmental friendly talc

Golcha Minerals talc for friendly and healthy solutions .

Certain aspects make our product best in terms of environmental superiority. Water repellant and higher level aspect ratio is one of the major reasons for its suitability. Particularly for barrier coating, the talc is chemically inert and thereby there is no sort of harm in the product. Its usage on the paper mill directly makes it more suitable.
We at Golcha Minerals emphasize at making the practices that are not against the nature. Most of the paper mills contribute towards anti environmental practices that are not good for long run. Keeping the sustainable parameters in mind we look forward for eco friendly processes that would not affect the nature.
If we talk about the fibers that are used in manufacturing, even then the recyclable ones are made use of. This actually reduces the pollutants that add up otherwise.
To counter pitch and stickies problems, papermakers use a range of chemical agents, such as inorganic and organic coagulants, which tend to enrich in circulation loops causing machine instability and potential effluent pollution issues.


Golcha Minerals talc:

The talc here is chemically inert. There is 0% contribution towards pollution of rivers, streams, lakes and other water bodies. Even the usage of water is not much in the equipments used here.  Even there is no transmission of hazardous substances and CO2 that makes it 100% eco-friendly.