Barrier Coatings

Golcha Minerals talc for barrier coating.


Get best results from our talc as barrier coat.

  • The packaging business does not require complex or intricate packaging material like resin coating, wax coating, etc. for packaging of frozen food, washing powder and other food items. They are in need of mono-material which is effortlessly recyclable.
  • They even possess water repugnant property and barrier property which makes them the best ingredient to be used for barrier coatings that are grease proof.
  • Barrier coatings which are talc based are chemically static and are friendly to environment, which cause no harm and the paper can be simply recycled.
  • The other benefit is that it leads to decrease in transport expenses and reduces pollution as it can be straight away used at paper mill.
  • Barrier coatings which are talc based endows with the answer to legislation for the packaging which targets to ban substance made from crude oil.
  • Talc-based barrier coatings provide an answer to legislation governing the recyclability of packaging aiming to ban materials based on crude oil.