Tissue Paper

Golcha Minerals talc provides you with the best solutions for tissue papers which are soft and leads to high productivity.

In production of talc for producing tissue paper, it is essential to have pulp cleanliness. It is an integral part in our processing of talc as it leads to flow ability.

Talc makes superlative pitch with minimum ash level used in the production of tissue paper.

Golcha Minerals talc:

  • Helps in neutralizing stickies and pitches and results in increased productivity
    because of reduction in cleaning time
  • Reduces anionic trash
  • Reduces ash
  • Increases the softness and smoothness of the paper
  • Protects from wire graze
  • Is a perfect alternative as it is eco friendly and incurs appropriate cost

We recommend you to use Golcha Minerals talc for the production of smoother and softer tissue paper. Its enhanced quality and usage of better technology helps to make it cost effective with no compromise in eminence of end product.