Virgin Pulp – Fresh Fiber

Golcha Minerals talc provides you with the eco friendly pitch which helps in more mill productivity, premium quality finished paper and cleaner pulp.

It is essential to know that our talc is highly suitable in production of chemical pulp, production of mechanical pulp and grades of printing wood-free. Its properties are highly suitable for all these above mentioned activities.


Use of Golcha Minerals talc helps in keeping the process as well as finished pulp clear and clean. If the talc is pure and white then it can be of immense use in improving quality of pulp. It develops the finished paper quality with improved surface of finished paper by reducing defects. Along with this it is chemically static and helpful in reducing water pollution.


When it comes to pulp cleanliness, then also it holds the required feature in paper production. The residue left in pulp cleaning process must have least deposits. However in terms of application of talc in paper manufacture, main problem arising in production of virgin pulp is in the wood pitch. It creates deposits in filters, screens, storage tanks and pipes which results in unnecessary leakages. The pitch which contains some residue gets deposited in dryer cylinders or fabrics which might create some holes in the finished paper. During the process of paper making, any sort of problem related to pitch might reduce the efficiency of the machine and will also affect the earnings.

In this regard, our talc Golcha Talc is considered to be chemically static and eco friendly to the agents controlling chemical pitch. It also causes pollution issues as it creates flux in machinery. The Talc also helps in working of mills, by using water circuits which are close and it will reduce river pollution and ensure proper usage of water.

Consuming Golcha Talc in the process of paper making gives large benefits in paper production.