Anti Blocking

Golcha Minerals talc as anti blocking.


Golcha Minerals talc is perfect solution for anti blocking. In plastics manufacturing, our talc is suitable in every aspect and is supportive in making the product durable and long lasting.


It is true that the talc is required to be beneficial for anti blocking solutions for plastic films and polyethylene must assist with correct balance among good mechanical & optical properties and lesser additive adsorption.


This is the reason that while processing of talc we emphasize to add the feature of anti – blocking agent. This helps in making it qualitative for the use.


Golcha Minerals talc possesses maximum optimum particle size dispersion to achieve the proper stability of anti blocking and haze. It is referred as perfect anti blocking product in case of biopolymers and sleek polyolefin films.


The basic aspect that our talc considers is the formation of protective layer in terms of:

  • Moisture
  • Water
  • Air


This makes plastics better in terms of usage.