Dimensional stability

Golcha Minerals talc for dimensional stability:

Golcha Minerals talc is the best reinforcing driving force for engineering and polypropylene thermoplastics. It produces highly recommendable fillers that need better dimensional control and greater stiffness above the series of temperature.


Golcha Minerals talc:


  • Enhances part stiffness 
  • Increases  resistance impact by giving superb stiffness and proper balance
  • Enhances heat resistance
  • Confirms proper dimensional stability related to war page, isotropy and shrinkage
  • Results with decrease coefficient thermal expansion which is suitable for designs of automotive zero-gap


Golcha Minerals talc is suitable for enhancing the mechanical feature of plastics which are:


  • Biopolymers
  • Wood plastic composites
  • White goods
  • Recycled plastics
  • Furniture for garden
  • Household appliances


The talc is mostly utilized in all sorts of thermoplastics. They even produce extended glass fibers and substitutes for recycled polyamides. We provide with good milled products that are accessible in compact format for better dosing accuracy and compounding.