Scratch And Mar Resistence

Golcha Minerals talc for scratch and mar resistance.


For the enhancement of the scratch performance in the talc reinforced TPO compounds and polypropylene, make our talc most suitable in plastics.

The talc recommended by Golcha Minerals is the key to achieve better equilibrium in between the mechanical properties and the scratch performance. In order to attain better scratch resistance in different kinds of compounds, we also deliver the surface treated products in talc that can be used solely or with the combination of scratch addictive substance.


We very well understand that when it comes to the exterior and interior automotive parts then besides performance the appearance also matters to a great extent. This is the reason why we recommend Golcha Minerals talc in the TPO and PP compounds for 100% customer satisfaction.


It is necessary to understand that the scratch performance of the TPO compounds and PP is dependent upon the fact whether what kind of resin or the mixture of the resins is applied. With the application of the right resin it would be feasible to optimize the scratch resistance in the product to a great extent.