Electrical and Electronics

Golcha Minerals talc in electrical and electronic:


Application of talc in electrical and electronics efficiently!

Use of talc in plastic products related to electrical and electronics is very specific and it delivers high durability to the product.

Golcha Minerals talc enhances flame retardacy and mechanical features and is used in Thermoplastic housings used in electronic devices like computers and TV.


Golcha Minerals talc has certain peculiar features that allow it in maintaining better utility aspect in electrical and electronics. These are as follows:

  • Limits emission and diffusion of gas resulting in late combustion
  • Decreases dripping
  • improves thermal stability
  • Enhanced ash cohesion
  • Decreases afterglow and smoke


Talc produces superb reinforcing fillers for electronic household devices by granting:

  • Better dimensional stability
  • Decreases thermal expansion, warpage and shrinkage
  • Down – gauging ,stiffness and reduction in weight
  • Reliable heat resistance


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