Wood Plastic Composites

Golcha Minerals talc is an affordable processing aid for WPC’s enhancing the structural reliability.


Some important features of our talc include the following:

  1. Helps in reducing the absorption rate of water and warpage.
  2. It is 100% natural and thus an eco friendly solution.
  3. It aids in increasing the rupture modules as well as HDT and elasticity modules.
  4. Assists in reducing the creeping and performance of elastic recovery.
  5. Reduces viscosity of compound, increases the speed of extrusion and
    thus results into maintenance of fine surface appearance. 


The composites are considered to be good alternative for lumber and are used in products like railings, cladding door frames, outdoor decking, and windows. This extensive use of wood plastic composites has highlighted its usage and has thereby increased the finest quality talc to each and every aspect.


It is important to note that the wood plastic composites are manufactured from polypropylene resins or polythene and are said to contain wood up to 70 percent. This makes the end product durable and cost effective.


Golcha Minerals talc offers very effective and affordable processing support in PE based WPC as well as in PP. It also assists in lowering the problems related to moisture and thereby result in making the integrity of the whole structure more effectual.