Production of TALC…

High quality manufacturing process at Golcha Minerals!

At Golcha Minerals we emphasize on manufacturing high quality talc. For this reason our processing is very much specific and quality oriented that leads to customer satisfaction. The whole process of production needs proper attention on the technology used and also on the safety measures involved during the manufacturing.

How is talc manufactured?

The whole process is briefly explained here so as to bring a clear picture about the quality of product:

Drilling of the holes is done for the implantation of the explosives. Then comes the step in which the explosives are planted. After the occurrence of the blast, the available talc rocks are excavated for the commercial development. Thereafter, the transportation of the talc rocks is conducted in the safest and secured mannerr. The stock of the raw talc rocks are delivered in the warehouse in the batches for the further process.

In order to accomplish the purification process in the most precise manner, the proper assessment of the chemical composition is conducted. Thereafter purification is executed by keeping in mind certain parameters and all the end products are ensured according to them.

The advanced milling technology is put into use in order to receive the finely powdered talc. The large size paper bags are put into use in order to properly accumulate the finally produced talc.