Quintessential minerals in our lives

Quintessential minerals in our lives

Minerals are omnipresent in our lives more than we think! To put it in layman terms, a mineral is anything which can be mined from below the earth and has various different chemical compositions. A coal is a mineral as is diamond which is just another form of coal. There are indeed, 4000 minerals in total out of which only a handful have become popular and have been put to good use. But obviously with more time and advent of fastidious technology, we will be able to fully make use of all these different minerals available to us. After all, minerals do play a key role in our lives as they are strongly imbibed within all aspects of our lives.

Take vegetables or fruits for example, which have absorbed important minerals from the soil and then present them to us when we digest them. These are natural sources of minerals. However synthetic minerals are also available in today’s market. For example, there are synthetic diamonds that have emerged over the past few decades.

Many people prefer these diamonds as they are lighter on their pockets and since they have been produced under supervision, the possibilities of inconsistencies pertaining to the stone are minimized. As you can see, minerals are present in every sphere of our life since there are innumerable mineral products that exist in the market today.

You may have heard of mineral makeup or talcum powder. Even makeup that is not mineral requires minerals to make it; especially face powders, eyeshadows and other powder based products all contain mineral called talc apart from other minerals in micro-quantities. Basic necessities like mineral water also contains minerals but of a different kind. If you read the labels behind these products, you would be surprised how many minerals actually seep their way through out bodies and lives. Beautiful minerals like amber, amethyst and other such crystals are used in jewelry or just as crystals on their own for astrological purposes. Many astrologers, fortune tellers and healers use certain crystals to heal and communicate with their higher selves. They believe that placing certain crystals in certain spaces of your home can bring in the kind of energy you desire. They believe that every crystal has energy of its own.

Other than these there are common minerals like gold, silver, copper etc which need no introduction or explanation about their uses. Precious gems like rubies, emeralds, topaz, agates et al are also a part of the mineral family. All these minerals are formed due to molten lava which has been treated under the earth’s pressure that forms stalagmites and stalactites. These stalagmites and stalactites then form igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks in which all these minerals are found. Later it requires processing and refining before they can be actually used by use for various different purposes as mineral products.

Minerals are also used in agriculture for better fertility and plant growth, especially in organic farming. You can also find traces of minerals in ceramic products from home décor to flooring to bathroom fittings and so on. Minerals play an important role in production of paints and rubber that are used in construction and renovation of homes. Minerals are also used and required in making of medicines and pharmaceutical products. Other things that require the presence of minerals are personal care products such as soaps and body washes, food products, paper and stationary industry and lastly the plastic industry especially for scratch resistant plastics. These are just a few industries that need minerals but in actuality small amounts of minerals are required in every sphere of production.

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