Mechanical Property

Golcha Minerals talc mechanical property!


Better mechanical property for better results. As a nucleation agent talc from Golcha Minerals efficiently and appropriately endorses the crystallization and enhance the strength and mechanical properties to offer best quality rubber compound.


Our talc as a reinforcing agent also has an integral role in processing aid in various elastomer applications. In organophilic property, the talc shows extreme similarity for elastomers. This actually results in efficient cohesion of filler- elastomer. This augments elongation, modulus, tensile strength and the tear resistance of final product.


Other than this, it is essential to note that the lamellear components in talc creates a barrier that does not allow any sort of liquid or air transmission. It also reduces the plasticizer evaporation and thereby a better resistance can be expected.


Our products are highly pure and ultrafine, specially engineered and manufactured keeping rubber industry in mind. This has been graded as exclusive microcrystalline structure that provides better surface areas. This is beneficial in terms of wetting of elastomer chain, offering improved reinforcement level in comparison to the other talc.