Automotive Part

Golcha Minerals talc in automotive applications:


Golcha Minerals talc assists in enhancing the mechanical characteristics for the rubber automotive parts.

It is true that appropriate use of talc increase the performance and mechanical features of tyres, hydraulic parts, dampers, seals, grommets, weather seals, and gaskets. It is used as surrogate of carbon black, as it is cost-lucrative and eco friendly.

Our talc:

  • Gives weathering and UV resistance
  • Extends the service life, improves thermal resistance and removes plasticizer evaporation
  • Serves as perfect reinforcing driving force and increases mechanical characteristics of rubber components
  • Enhancing compound flow and reducing its viscosity
  • Is valuable processing aid
  • Has impermeability and enhances barrier properties
  • Is inert and provides no harm to environment

The talc being used in processing and mal-functional fillers for rubber automotive gears supports in their rigorous design specification. Automotive applications involve revelation to toughest environment.