Industrial Mechanical Goods

Golcha Minerals talc in Industrial Mechanical goods:

Our talc has a widespread use in industrial mechanical goods. Thereby focusing on quality of products we ensure that we are able to offer high quality products.

The unique properties of talc make it suitable preference in usage. The basic characteristics include tensile strength, elongation and 100 % eco friendly towards environment. It is also considered superior as reinforcing agent. Other than this, it is essential to note that talc as a barrier for water and moisture makes it an important component in industrial mechanical goods. It also removes plasticizer evaporation, granting extended service life and improved thermal resistance and enhances extrusion flow and decreasing compound viscosities.

Talc is affordable and provides no harm to the environment as it is a substitute for carbon black. As a substitute for precipitated silica and provides minimum harm to ecology.

Golcha Minerals talc enhances the durability and performance of extruded and molded parts building applications and household appliances.