Fire Resistance Wire and Cable

Golcha Minerals talc is a dependable insulator for cable applications and is fire resistant.

Application of talc in wire and cable is of immense use for transforming it as fire resistance. The electrically natural platelets and hydrophobic quality make the talc the best insulator for cables and wires. 

Usage of our talc can substitute partially for aluminum tri-hydrates and magnesium hydroxide that minimizes the cost of compound by no alteration in the properties of fire retardant. 

There are certain characteristics that make our product distinguished from others and thereby give a significant usage. Few of the features are explained below:

  • Primarily our product is 100% eco friendly and is suitable for natural usage. It does not harm the environment in any regard.
  • Restricts burnable emission of gas and diffusion of oxygen resulting in late combustion. This protects the usage of wire and cable from any sort of excessive supply of energy.
  • In case of wire and cable, as its necessary to limit transfer of heat so our talc creates a physical barrier.
  • Enhances ash structure and thereby protecting against unwanted pollution harm by reducing smoke emission.