Safety Policy

At Golcha Minerals, we well understand the fact that a great position always comes with a great responsibility. Even after being the leader of talc industry in India, we still believe that our roots lie beneath the society, its people from where we actually started our journey. Since many years, we are involved in numerous philanthropic activities in order to give back more than what it actually received from the people.


ü  Safety measures– We value the safety and lives of our workers. This is the reason why the workers involved in diverse departments of talc mining are provided with all the essential safety measures and equipments. The group already been bestowed with several awards for expressing its accountability towards the mining workers. Here are few to mention:


Mines Safety Week at Ghewaria Mines
MS WeekYearAwardCategory
21st MS Week20072ndHEMM & Maintenance
2ndPublicity, Propaganda & Housekeeping
23rd MS Week20093rdMine Plans & Records
26th MS Week20122ndMine Plans & Records
27th MS Week20132ndWelfare amenities, protective equipments and vocational Training


Mines Safety Week at Chainpura Mines
MS WeekYearAwardCategory
26th MS Week20122ndPublicity,Propaganda & Housekeeping
27th MS Week20133rdPublicity,Propaganda & Housekeeping


ü  Strictly Against Child Labor– It is extremely crucial to understand that the Golcha Minerals is strictly against the child labor. The working of children in the mining operations and other business activities is strictly forbidden. We believe in making them the responsible citizens of the future and never allow the exploitation of their young age in one way or the other.


Other social activities

ü  Public celebrations- We encourage the participation of people at the time of celebrating different events and festivities.  The public celebrations are organized by us for the people on a time to time basis including Diwali, Holi, Ramnavami, Krishna Janamasthami celebrations, etc.

 ü  Public welfare- We have established and successfully running a large number of educational institutions, polyclinics and urban cooperative banks to positively influence the life of the people. Due to free or extremely low cost services to the special segments of the society we can now observe a radical change in most of the underdeveloped areas of the society.

ü  Sports and recreational activities- The Golcha Minerals cricket center and Gymkhana are currently working hard to nurture the budding talents and preparing them for the future course of time in their respective fields.