Environment Safety

Golcha Minerals is 100% committed and dedicated towards environment and its safety. Our company has dedicated team of workers who are able to understand the need of people for the products and services we offer and along with this also following the concept of social development. The purpose is to get healthy and prosperous environment with the help of better approach of working. Our workers employ best practices for excavation of minerals.

We always excavate minerals which are suitable for the green environment and are not causing any harm to general public and nature.

It is proud to mention that we have recognized by the local government for special work for the environment. We are thankful to our employees and dedicated team to make Golcha Minerals a big success. We are celebrating two festivals at mines every year: Mines environment and Mineral conservation week and Mines safety week.


The winning of awards and recognitions:

Prizes for Ghewaria Mines

MEMC WeekYearAwardCategory
17th MEMC Week2006-071stManagement of Sub grade Mineral
3rdAir Pollution Control
18th MEMC Week2007-083rdWaste Dump Management
20th MEMC Week2009-102ndPublicity & Propaganda
23rd MEMC Week2012-131stWater Pollution Control
1stWaste Dump Management
2ndOverall Performance
24thMEMC Week2013-143rdReclamation & Rehabilitation
2ndDust Suppression Arrangements

Prizes for Chainpura Mines

MEMC WeekYearAwardCategory
20th MEMC Week2009-101stManagement of Sub grade Mineral
3rdWater Pollution Control
24thMEMC Week2013-141stSedimentation of Entrained solids & SPM before discharging mine water into water courses
1stManagement of Sub grade Mineral
2ndOverall Performance
2ndTop Soil Management