It is naturally white, hydrated Magnesium Silicate produced by us.  It is a unique product from Golcha Group where you can totally rely upon the purity and fulfill your immense numbers of needs.   One of the prominent reasons on the basis of which you can give preference e to this product is that it is 100% free from Crystalline Silica and Asbestos.   The particle size distribution of Sunlit is well balanced, due to which it is a favorite choice as mineral filler in the manufacturing of rubber, paper and the ceramic products.

The chemical properties

When it is about the chemical properties then it comprises of SiO2 (60%), MgO (30%), Al2O3 (1%), Fe2O3 (0.80%), and CaO (1.50%).  Its solubility in the Hydrochloric acid is 4% and the pH value is 8.8.  It clearly denoted that the pH properties of it are slightly higher than the pure water.

The physical properties

On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, the hardness of Sunlit talc is 1. It carries 0.10% moisture in it and the Refractive index (RI) of 1.57.  The loose bulk and tapped bulk of Sunlit talc are 0.60 gms/ml and 0.80 gms/ml respectively.  The oil absorption ability of this form of talc is 35 gms/ 100gm.

The use

This form of talc is widely used in the industries producing washing soaps, foam and manufacturing the rubber.  It is worth notable that it can also be used in the manufacturing of ceramics, newsprint as well as in the production of the writing and printing papers.  Some high level research is going on the field in order to calculate to which certain level it is feasible to get benefited with this form of talc in these industrial sectors.  It is fully anticipated that in the coming period of time more number of fields will be discovered for the wide scale of this talc.

Super Sunlit

As the name suggests, it is an advance quality range of Sunlit talc.  The whiteness of this form of Sunlit talc is 88% and the bulk density and the bulk value of it is 0.755 gm/cc and 6,000 cm2/ gm respectively.  It is widely used in the manufacturing of the commercial foam and rubber.  It is partially used in the writing and printing papers industry as well.