Talc suppliers

Talc suppliers

Talc is a mineral that is discovered in the nature. It is also the softest natural mineral and it can be easily scratched with the help of a fingernail. Hydrated magnesium silicate is the chemical name for talcum powder or talc and it is also known as Soapstone. Talc can be used both for life and commercial purposes. Some of the uses for talc are – making drying powders, paint, and ceramics. There is a wide variety of talc powder available from talc suppliers in the market today.

Benefits of talc

One of the major qualities of a talcum powder is that it is very effective in absorbing moisture. When ground down, it is the finest powder and this is what helps in providing it with the quality of absorbing moisture of the human skin. There is a major ingredient is Talc, it means that whenever you apply this talcum powder to your skin, you are actually helping it make it dry and comfortable at the time of sweating. Talcum powder is mainly made in order to keep the genital and groin area fresh and dry and it also helps in curbing the smell. Another benefit of using talcum powder is that besides keeping the skin dry and comfortable, you are also reducing the risk of getting a rash or chaffing because of the moisture in the skin which results in friction and rubbing. So where does talc come from?

Talc is a mineral, produced by the mining of talc rocks and then processed by crushing, drying and milling. Talc miners have also been shown to have no higher incidence of lung cancer than the general population where the mineral is asbestos free.The resultant powder, which most of us are familiar with, is a slippery, finely powered mineral that absorbs moisture. When this procedure gets over, then it gets packaged and it is sent to the talc suppliers. It currently has many applications including makeup, baby power and antacids. The natural qualities of talc when used in natural skin care products, gives them stability, texture, skin adhesion, slip and water resistance.


Even though talc has been proven to be a safe ingredient for use in cosmetics and powders, there are various counterfeit products in the market which do not use talc which have the potential to cause great harm. These impersonators make use of cheap alternatives of talc which is harmful to the human skin. While choosing talc powder, make sure that you have comprehensive knowledge about the ingredients. Make sure that it has natural ingredients and most importantly they are safe to use on the skin.


Talc is extensively used in various ways. Talcum powder is also used as a filler to prevent slipping in latex gloves. It is highly resistance to heat and electricity, and is therefore used in electronics and as an insulator. It is used to make astringent baby powders that prevent rashes covered by a diaper. In addition it is a filler material for rubber, paints, paper and insecticides.

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